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Dear David,

I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did for our Daughters First Communion. The presentation and care that you showed with all the food was Phenomenal and your Personal attention to our guests was remarkable.

Everyone had to comment on how delicious everything was. Needless to say all of my Family wanted to take you to Puerto Rico for all of their upcoming activities. Thank you for your patience and dealing with my anxiety. Thanks to you, the food was one less thing least I did not have to worry about on her special day. I know we will see you soon.

Thank you again!!
Sincerely, M. Gavin


Dear Mr. Sammarco,

I want to commend and congratulate you for the total marvelous success of your catering for our departmental party last weekend. To provide a first - class gourmet meal for fifty diners would be a great achievement in a restaurant; to do it in someone else's home, and in addition serve it outdoors, is an accomplishment worthy of the awe it earned from all assembled.

Your skill won the praise of everyone I've spoken to since the party. We'd had a formal Dinner the night before at a very well known Boston Restaurant, and the unanimous verdict was that your work was superior in every way to that. Everything was superbly fresh and expertly prepared and congenially presented. You are a true artist, and I just wanted you to know how much that artistry was appreciated. I assure you that we will seek your services in the future whenever we plan such a function. When one has experienced the best, nothing less will do. And you are the best!

My colleagues join me in thanking and congratulating you. We know you are sure to have a stellar future, and we will watch you rise to fame with warm admiration.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. F. C. Wilkins
Chairman, Suffolk University, English Department


A message left on my Answering Machine:
Regarding a Private Chef Job, A woman gave her Sister as a gift, as her Sister had just undergone intensive shoulder surgery and was unable to prepare meals for her Family.

(This type of service is perfect as mentioned in the situation above, but please read more about this service, at my Private Chef page)

- The message is as follows -

" Hello David, This is Joanne calling, it's Sunday Night, and I am calling to give you a report at how happy my Sister and Brother in - law and the family are with your beautiful meals. My Sister described it as, eating in a fine Hotel Restaurant, only at the kitchen table. So they have been enjoying your food very very much, and they are very grateful. So all is well, I want you to know that, and they loved everything, it's just really filled in a gap that's been very needed as my Sister recovers from surgery, it's been really great. So thank you very much, and please rest assured that we all appreciate it, bye bye for now, "

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